Yoga in a modern world

“Let the waters settle;  you will see the stars and moon mirrored in your being” (Rumi)

The more I’ve studied and practised yoga and various aspects of well-being, the more alarmed and perplexed I’ve become by just how little modern-day life in a western country supports such things.  I’ve found myself frequently wondering – how on earth can I stay in the wonderfully peaceful, meaningful and authentic state that I’ve discovered through my study and practice and still live in this crazy world of ours?

I’m slowly concluding that not only is it possible to maintain this state, I also don’t have to go and live in a cave on a remote mountain to do so.

In my blog pages, I’d like to share with you some thoughts and experiences that have helped me to turn “finding peace in a modern world” into a reality.

And if you live in Brisbane, you might like to come along to a yoga class and experience some moments of stillness and peace for yourself.


P.S.  The term ‘yogi’ is sometimes used to denote the masculine form of the sanskit word for a yoga practitioner, with the term ‘yogini’ used to denote the feminine form.  As a Modern Day Yogi, I am using the term to encompass anyone who adopts the ideals and practices of yoga, regardless of gender.